The Gonstead method of analysis, the real difference



The Gonstead Method of Analysis has been successfully used by chiropractic practitioners since its development by Clarence Gonstead who pioneered and redefined the very nature of Chiropractic and its assessment and technique.


A Gonstead Chiropractor's aim is to correct the subluxation (misaligned vertebra), so that your body can function normally and begin its natural healing process, alleviating pain and discomfort.


Your Gonstead practitioner uses the following methods of analysis to evaluate your spine




Static Palpation

Motion Palpation

X-Ray analysis


If it is decided that an adjustment is required, it will be delivered very skillfully by hand only. This enables the adjustment to be accurately varied to suit any situation and any person or child.


Your Gonstead Chiropractor will explain the healing process, what to expect and when. They will be happy to talk to you about appropriate exercises, diet and lifestyle, in order for you to achieve your best results.


You will be encouraged to ask questions. We believe the more you understand, and the more you are involved with your care, the greater your health outcome.